Lips Against The Glass – Not Only – the video

“Not/Only” is the first official video by Lips Against The Glass, electronic/experimental act based in Bologna, Italy.
The song is featured on “Furfuzzy/Furflies” (7″ e Digital Download – New Model Label – 2015), split ep with Unmade Bed, an experimental/psychedelic band from Florence.
Filmed by Gammo Video // Elgaraje in Bologna.
Lips Against The Glass released their debut album “Vivid Colour” in 2013 d and then a digital remix EP “That Moment -Remixed-” that started their collaboration with New Model Label and made remixes for Bodwan, Ultraista and Above The Tree.
Lips Against The Glass are also active for live sountracks and since now have presented a live version of “Alice in Wonderland” for Cecil Hepworth’s 1903 movie and “Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” by Robert Wiene, both in clubs and museums and in September 2015 gave their contribution to the live soundtrack for “The President” by C.T. Dreyer, performed at Festival Della Filosofia in Modena.


Line-Up: Gabriele Chinè: Voice, Guitars, Electronics, Samples / Giuseppe Cassano: electronics, samples, bass.

Unmade Bed & Lips Against The Glass – Furfuzzy/Furflies – split

Cover1440Unmade Bed & Lips Against The Glass – Furfuzzy/Furflies – the new project available as split 7″ and digital download – release date: Friday 12th June 2015 – New Model Label Two Italian experimental acts, Unmade Bed, from Firenze and Lips Against The Glass, from Bologna, joined forces for this new project, not simply a split where each band does its own music but a creative process in which they influenced each other during the making. The idea was born when Vincenzo Zingaro of Unmade Bed and Gabriele Chinè of Lips Against The Glass made together the soundtrack for “Alice in Wonderland” directed by Cecil M. Hepworth, one of the pioneers of the history of cinema in 1903. Unmade Bed come from a more psychedelic and rock background, while Lips Against The Glass are more minimal and electronic, and even the title is an ironic way to express the stytlistic differences, with two invented words, “Furfuzzy” for Unmade Bed and “Furflies” for Lips Against The Glass. Link: