Marco Colonna – Fili, il nuovo album

FILI   a Maria Lai Marco Colonna: clarinetto basso, clarinetto, loop. Marco Colonna torna con un nuovo album in cui esplora le varie potenzialità del clarinetto basso, strumento che ha scelto da alcuni anni per portare avanti la propria ricerca e diventato marchio di fabbrica dei suoi set solisti. In questo caso, abbandona la dimensioneContinue reading “Marco Colonna – Fili, il nuovo album”

Francesco Baiocchi & The Motherboard/s – Molenbeek – Soundtrack album

A new project by Francesco Baiocchi, Italian musician, sound designer and multimedia artist living in Belgium, in Molenbeek, a municipality in Brussels with a high concentration of migrants, that became famous after the terrorist attacks at Bataclan in Paris an in Brussels: The author was in Brussels the 22nd of March 2016 (his birthday), theContinue reading “Francesco Baiocchi & The Motherboard/s – Molenbeek – Soundtrack album”

Lips Against The Glass – Not Only – the video

“Not/Only” is the first official video by Lips Against The Glass, electronic/experimental act based in Bologna, Italy. The song is featured on “Furfuzzy/Furflies” (7″ e Digital Download – New Model Label – 2015), split ep with Unmade Bed, an experimental/psychedelic band from Florence. Filmed by Gammo Video // Elgaraje in Bologna. Lips Against The GlassContinue reading “Lips Against The Glass – Not Only – the video”

Unmade Bed & Lips Against The Glass – Furfuzzy/Furflies – split

Unmade Bed & Lips Against The Glass – Furfuzzy/Furflies – the new project available as split 7″ and digital download – release date: Friday 12th June 2015 – New Model Label Two Italian experimental acts, Unmade Bed, from Firenze and Lips Against The Glass, from Bologna, joined forces for this new project, not simply aContinue reading “Unmade Bed & Lips Against The Glass – Furfuzzy/Furflies – split”