Vera Di Lecce

Vera Di Lecce 

Italian singer, producer and performer, based in Rome, started her career during her parents’ theatrical shows in the late 80s. They were actors and researchers of Salento’s traditional music and culture.
She’s been singing and dancing in the world music band Nidi D’Arac for a few years and also created her own theatrical performance “Re-chords” in 2010, in which she improvises with musicians (Kaki King, Renato Ciunfrini, Roberto Angelini). She released an EP “Heavy Butterflies” in 2012 and an LP “29 seconds” in 2015, mixing her experimental sound with ethnic nuances and singing in English.
Her live performance started with vocal and electric guitar loops, but she’s now producing electronic music and focusing on vocal and dance performances.Her main instrument has always been her voice. It can become a synth, a theremin, a choir or even a distorted wave, through her vocal pedals and loop station. Vera also performs with an electric guitar that floats from evocative arpeggios to extreme e-bow themes.  She’s been practicing martial arts and Apulian traditional dance for a long time, so she often dances in her music videos and during her live shows. 

She opened for Anna Calvi, Balmorhea, Lisa Germano, Shannon Wright, Afterhours and Kaki King and still performs with traditional music band Arakne Mediterranea.  
Her vocals come from ancient traditional melodies, melting Apulian, northern European and Eastern hints, reaching an unique and fascinating flavor.
“29 Seconds” is recorded in Berlin by Martyn Heyne – Efterklang – and released on Eclectic Productions.  
The singles “Mirror” and “30 Tree” were produced by Boris Wilsdorf at andereBaustelle Tonstudio (Berlin, 2017).  
Vera joined Cesare Basile’s band in 2018, during the tour that included a show at Primavera Sound, in Barcelona.
She recorded an EP “Fragments” with electronic italian duo Entropia, singing Sappho’s poems translated in English (June, 2020) and produced a single “Visarga” (July, 2020) for Klaustrophobie compilation by Klang Roma.
Her first single released via Manimal Vinyl is “Painfall” (February, 2021), a journey through the Pain and its fall.
“Let’s get obsessed with reason” (March, 2021), a collaboration with electronic producer Plaster, is the song that precedes “Shellbone”, the second single with the American label (May 2021), followed by “The Truth” (July 2021).








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